What is needed to be a better friend with our body, ourselves? Lamhita creates a safe space for all of us to heal deeper. To transform old beliefs and unconscious patterns so we can open up our hearts for totally new opportunities.

With the help of trauma healing, the gong and yoga, we can start to dissolve old patterns and limitations in different areas in our life such as relationships and self-perception.
Trauma healing helps the nervous-system to release traumas. Then we get more access to our life energy and our true potential so we can start to enjoy & appreciate our body & souls even more. The magic happens when we come in contact with ourselves!

Join us this weekend on a journey towards (more) self-love and acceptance, so you can taste more of the sweet nectar of life.
A weekend to let go of what you no longer need: a new beginning!

**Limited number of participants. We provide an exclusive held and safe space so more people can be seen in their processes. The work is done on an individual level and in the group.

More information

– Limited number of participants, Book now to secure your spot!

– Course is in English / Swedish depending on the participants

– For questions about the course, please contact Lamitha Jacobson:

– For questions about food and lodging, please contact Ängsbacka:
booking@angsbacka.se // 0553-10035

We warmly welcome you to Body Love – A New Beginning,

With Love,
Lamhita & Liesbeth (assistent)